Luxury fabrics vs. cheap fashion designs-what’s the difference anyway?

Everyone loves a deal. Why pay more when you can get the same for less? But in all reality most of the time, you pay for what you get. Especially when it comes to fashion.

Sure, cheap-chic fashion chain giants like Forever21, H&M and Zara mass produce runway knockoffs about as fast as a drive-thru can spit out a burger. But really, how tasty is that burger compared to one that’s made using fresh, quality ingredients? Fashion has the same principles. Handmade items and fashions made using luxe, quality fabrics make all the difference in your clothing. And yes, the results are definitely noticeable.

Steve Madden YSL knockoffs

Steve Madden knocks off the YSL Tribute sandals

One of this season’s hottest fall 2011 fashion trends is lace. From Jason Wu and Stella McCartney to Lanvin, designers had a definite love affair with lace this season. Like any hot trend, it’s trickled down into mass production and you can find lace incorporated into budget-friendly fashion items like tops, skirts and dresses too.

Bottega veneta silkd blend lace bustier dress

Bottega Veneta silk-blend bustier dress in Venise lace


Forever 21 lace dress

A Forever 21 lace dress

But what kind of lace are these cheap-chic fashion chains using exactly? Anyone who shops at fast-fashion retail chains knows the quality of the fabric and trimmings is compromised. Therein lies the ability for retailers to sell the product at such low prices. But it also means the texture and feel of the fabric isn’t the same as their luxury counterparts, and neither is the longevity. In fact, you’ll often hear complaints that with “one wash” the item of clothing completely fell apart. Just like the difference between an ordinary cook and a five-star chef, a lot of the mastery lies in the quality of the ingredients used. And when it comes to producing high quality clothing, using top-of-the-line fabrics and trimmings is what results in true beauty.

If you’re looking to showcase one of this season’s hottest fashion trends, create a top, dress or skirt with some quality Venise lace. Venise lace is often used in luxurious, high quality fashions like bridal gowns because of its delicate nature. It is a fine needlepoint lace and has no net background, resulting in an elegant design.

You can find some quality Venise lace and shiffli embroidery at Touch of Lace, the largest manufacturer of Venise lace in the U.S. Touch of Lace produces more than 50,000 designs, available in both black and white. If you have something else in mind, you can always dye the lace to suit your needs. And, feel free to get creative with your work! Many designers are also showcasing accessories that incorporate lace such as shoes and purses too.

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What is Venise Lace?

What is Venise lace?

Whether you’re looking for bridal lace, lace trims, appliques or motifs, there are tons of different kinds of lace to choose from. But if you’re looking for something truly fine and elegant, Venise lace may be the most stylish solution.

what is venise lace-Blumarine

Blumarine fall 2011 Venise lace


Venise lace, also called Guipure lace throughout Europe, is a fine needlepoint lace that’s firm and has no net background. Unlike Chantilly or Alençon lace which is woven with a net background, Venise lace is stitched onto a dissolvable fabric, which is later removed so that only the embroidery remains.The result is a delicate, raised design that’s often used in women’s fashion. In fact, it’s a huge fall 2011 fashion trend and is showing up in designer lines like Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta and Jason Wu’s collections, to name a few. Venise lace is also a popular choice for lingerie and delicate undergarments.

Venise lace carries a higher price point than many other types of lace but has a far more luxurious look and feel than other types of lace. Because of that, it is often also used in finer garments like formal dresses and bridal gowns, which have risen in popularity since the gorgeous lace wedding gown was seen on the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Most Venise lace is manufactured in Europe and is referred to as Guipure lace; but Touch of Lace manufacturers all of its lace locally and is the largest U.S-based manufacturer of Venise lace. Their collection includes over 50,000 designs of elegant Venise lace in black or white, which can be purchased as allovers, collars, appliques, edges, galloons, inserts, yokes and medallions. And if you’re needing something in another shade, the lace is dyeable with easy-to-use over-the-counter products.

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Top 5 Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

Top 5 Fall 2011 Fashion Trends for Women 

Fall fashion is almost always swoon-worthy; the long, sweeping coats; the gloves; the layers. It all adds a drama to dressing that makes our hearts go pitter-patter. This season, there are a ton of fashion trends we’re looking forward to. But we’ve rounded up the top 5 fall 2011 fashion trends that are more than just pretty, they’re actually wearable too.

Seeing Red




From pants and skirts to dramatic dresses and coats, bright doses of red were spotted all over the fall 2011 runways. Marchesa, Michael Kors, Jason Wu and Rodarte are just a few of the designers who showed their affection for the fiery hue.

Not ready to boldly sport an all-over-red ensemble? Warm up to the trend with a bright red top, gloves or handbag instead.

 Long and Lovely

Top 5 fall 2011 fashion trends maxi dresses and skirts Derek Lam

Derek Lam


Maxi dresses and skirts were a strong spring/summer 2011 fashion trend, and the trend is here to stay through the fall season too. Erdem, Yves Saint Laurent, Derek Lam and Vera Wang embraced long looks for fall. Many designers took an updated approach to the maxi, showing skirts and dresses with daring thigh-high slits.

Bold and Beautiful

Top 5 fall 2011 fashion trends bold pants Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung


No matter what type of fit you’re looking (cropped, wide legged, maybe high-waisted?) you’re sure to find a pair of pants in a bright and bold hue this fall season. 3.1 Phillip Lim and Karen Walker sent out models in bold blues, bright greens and fiery reds too. Pair a bright-colored pant with a nude or white blouse. Or, for the more daring, embrace color by pairing with a top of a similar, yet more subtle hue.

Love for Lace

Top 5 fall 2011 fashion trends lace Lanvin



For the fall 2011 fashion shows, designers had a love affair with all things lace. Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Chanel and Jason Wu are just some of the labels showing lace for fall this season. And it’s no longer reserved for pearls and ladylike-only moments; shown as sexy accents, sultry dresses and even paired with denim as casual wear, the delicate fabric is proving to be more versatile than ever.

Slick and Sexy

Top 5 fall 2011 fashion trends leather Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang


Leather is always a favorite for fall. But this season, it’s more than just biker-chic jackets. From ladylike coats, sexy skirts and casual looks, leather dominated the fall 2011 runways. Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen and Valentino have plenty of leather pieces to salivate over and add that extra spice to your fall wardrobe.


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